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Type 2 Diabetes – Understanding How Weight Loss Works Leads to Successfully Losing Weight

Much could be said about controlling weight loss. Sometimes we tend to focus on trivial details instead of what is important. How long it takes to succeed at losing a certain amount of weight, for instance, is not a crucial matter. Generally speaking, more attention should be given to understanding how weight loss works.

Knowledge and understanding of weight loss are positively correlated with weight loss success. In other words, the more effort you spend in grasping the workings and nuances of healthy eating and blood sugar control, the better your chances of losing weight and managing it for the rest of your life. There is no need to become an expert on the subject: for starters, a few hours of proper instruction would be enough.

The issue is there is more to weight loss than eating a particular diet and burning calories through exercise. Avoiding carbs is not an ideal way to lose weight because carbohydrates are essential to the body. Exercising intensely, on the other hand, could be helpful, but it could also be harmful. Engaging in moderate-intense cardio is an excellent way to burn calories – although it is also a sure way to fire up your appetite. A fired up appetite could lead to overeating which would cancel out your efforts to lower blood sugar levels and lose fat through a caloric deficit.

A healthy diet is indispensable. The correct balance of nutrients goes without saying. Proteins, complex carbohydrates, and the right fat sources should be adequately represented. There is no such thing as one macronutrient being more important than another, as they all have their purpose.

Which leads to portion sizes. While there is no substitute for healthy fats, you ought to be careful with their intake. Each gram of fat equals nine calories – more than double the amount found in a gram of protein or carbohydrate. So go easy on walnuts and oils.

Cooking your meals will always be superior to processed foods. The latter is convenient, but the former is conducive to better health. Moreover, there is also the blood sugar factor. People with Type 2 diabetes will have to be stricter with their carbohydrate intake although this does not mean carbs should be avoided. But even as far as weight loss is concerned, blood sugar is a factor that should not be overlooked. And with changes in your eating style, physical activity results in even better blood sugar control and therefore weight loss.

When dieting is done along with exercise, you will achieve…

  • greater weight loss,
  • better insulin sensitivity, and
  • lower blood sugar

than you would with only an improved eating style. There is much to understanding weight loss. We encourage you to continue to educate yourself on the topic. For the best results, apply what you learn into your lifestyle to personally see how it all works. In this sense, nothing beats raw experience.

The 3 Week Diet

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers


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