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Top 7 Ways to Lose Weight Before Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween and the weeks leading up to it is just the beginning of the extended “holiday” period where most of us put on our extra weight. As soon as someone cracks open that first bag of “candy corn”, you know that you are in trouble and your diet will soon be falling apart. So, here are a few tips that will help you to lose weight ahead of the holidays and to keep on track when everyone else is pigging out.

1. If you work in an office where there is always a bowl of candy, a tray of cookies, or people are always handing out treats, then make sure that you always have something else in your mouth, such as gum, a piece of sugarless candy, or even a toothpick. This will help you from mindlessly picking up food while you are walking around, which can lead to more calories than you might think.

2. In your home, you need to make it a “no sweets zone”, not only for yourself but for everyone else, at least up until the actual day of Halloween. This means that as soon as the local grocery stores start putting out their Halloween displays, you need to refrain from buying into their eagerness to celebrate. Go ahead and dress up your home and plan your costume, but there will be no Halloween candy for you (or anyone else!) until the big day.

3. Consider Halloween to be your reward for all the hard work that you are going to do leading up to the day. This is especially beneficial if you can plan a short-term weight loss diet that lasts just a couple of weeks. There are many diets that you can choose that will help you to lose weight that quickly and then you can “splurge” on the 31st which will be more of a treat than a trick for you.

4. When it comes time to a Halloween party, try to make sure you go to one where you will get in at least a little dancing (a great calorie burner!) and less food. Also, try to resist the alcohol if you can, since that is one of the lowest quality forms of nutrition and one that is not only bad for your body, but will pack on the pounds in no time.

5. Remember that Halloween is really for the kids. If you think of this as a child’s holiday and not something that you should be partaking in, at least when it comes to candy, then you will be more likely to hold it together when they start bringing home treats from school or parties they attend.

6. Advise your entire family that you are under no circumstances to be offered any sort of candy or sweet. They might think that you are being a spoiled sport, when in reality you are asking for their support in your diet. In return, you can tell them when you start to lose weight and hopefully they will be encouraging in your quest.

7. Finally, keep in mind the age-old mantra that for every extra 100 calories you eat a day, you will gain one entire pound a year. So, if you are pigging out on 100 or more calories between the weeks leading up to Halloween and the end of the year, you should expect to see the New Year in weighing more than you imagine. So, keep your calorie count low for as long as you can.

It is hard for anyone to resist the candy once it is put in front of you, but by following these tips to make it through Halloween, you just might make it through the holidays without putting on any weight.

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