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Tired Of Being Overweight And Miserable?

If you have become overweight and have had no luck in losing it and keeping it off it might well be that your subconscious mind is the reason. Somewhere deep inside your inner mind programming is some limiting beliefs and junky type thinking that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

You may wonder what junk thinking is. Well, it is bad attitudes, beliefs and ideas about food and exercise covering everything from misinformation, inherited wisdom about dieting and nutrition right through to old old self-delusion. You are likely not even aware of this because it is happening unconsciously but the power of your subconscious mind is what drives your habits and actions (or actions).

If you are programmed to think like a thin person you would not likely even be overweight as slim people eat differently to their overweight friends. They tend not to eat the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoid exercise which is basically how one becomes overweight. They tend to exercise more regularly as it's not a bother to them but rather something they look forward to and actually enjoy.

But do not worry we can change your mind-set so it is working with you rather than against you as one of the most important factors in weight loss success is your attitude. This means wherever or not you believe (and keep on believing) that you can make the changes in your lifestyle you need to make lose weight and that these changes are worth doing. Without a more positive and focused attitude you will think and feel differently and in turn that will affect the actions you take and do not take.

Slim people think differently to overweight people

It is probably hard for you to imagine how much easier it would be to lose weight if you could have the mind software program of a slim, fit person. It is even hard to understand that your own thoughts are the reason why you have become and stay stuck in an overweight body. The way you think and feel about yourself, about your body, towards your weight and how you think about food, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle are all the root cause of your weight / food issues.

But the very good news – it is possible to find, identify and eliminate those ideas, feelings, self-beliefs and patterns of thinking in your mind that are causing your destructive habits that continue to self-sabotage you time and time again .. When We 'flesh them out' and replace them with more positive, focused thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs you will start losing weight much more naturally. Once you have this mind software upgrade you will not need a diet of any sort as you will have the key to permanent weight loss that is easy and effortless.

The good thing that you will discover is when you ditch the mind roadblocks that are keeping you stuck you will find it SO MUCH easier to make better food choices, eat less and get some proper exercise into your life on a regular basis. You will actually WANT to do these things and you will enjoy them too. This may seem difficult to grasp now but that is what this mind software upgrade will give you and that is what will get and keep you slim.

Once your new thoughts are dropped into your subconscious mind you will immediately begin to lose the excess fat weight. As time goes on these thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs will grow and intensify like seeds planted in the soil and you will become more focused on your goals. That slim, fit, strong, healthy, feel-good body is just waiting inside you to get out and it will be easier and more effortless to achieve than you can believe.

The 3 Week Diet

Source by Carolyn Hansen


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