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How To Set Goals For Weight Loss, Ask Why and the SCAMPI Method

So you want to lose weight? That’s awesome! You know what you want to do; now it’s time to set some goals.

When you say you want to lose weight, this is a very broad and non-specific goal. It is a good goal, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be. You need to be able to clarify your underlying ambition for wanting to lose weight.

Keeping Asking Why

In order to really get down to the real reason you want to lose weight, just keep asking yourself “why.” You say you want to lose weight, why? “So I will look better”, Why? “So I can get more dates.” In this example the reason to lose weight is so he/she can feel better about them selves and look better to others. Lets take a look at another example. You want to lose weight, Why? “So I have more energy” Why? “So I can play with my kids, work better and enjoy life more.” The second example is a completely different reason on why you might want to lose weight.

When you know the root cause of why you want to do something, you can start making a plan of action towards achieving that goal.


Setting goals isn’t as easy as telling yourself you would like to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year. While that is nice, you should follow a more specific way of setting such goals.

SCAMPI is an acronym that can help you go about your goal setting in a way that will increase your chances of accomplishing the goal.

S – Specific. Setting specific goals results in much better performance than setting easy goals, no goals or just saying you want to lose weight.

C – Challenging. Setting goals that are challenging are accomplished better than setting easier goals. However make sure it is realistic, yet still challenging.

A – Approach. Set your goal with a positive mindset as opposed to a negative one. For example you want to lose weight because you will feel better about yourself, and not because you hate being fat.

M – Measurable. How are you going to know if you’re close to your goal if you’re not keeping track? Be sure to track the important aspects of your weight loss so you know how close or how far from your goal you are.

P – Proximal. ­Be sure to break down your bigger goal into smaller more obtainable goals. If you want to lose 20 pounds in the next year, break it down into how much you need to lose each month or even two weeks. You will feel better about accomplishing the smaller goals as you work your way up to the larger goal.

I – Inspirational. Keep your goal inline with your own personal ideals and ambitions. Be sure to do the goal for yourself, and not others.

There you have it, a very easy approach to setting more obtainable goals. Without setting goals, you are really headed nowhere, and no one wants that.

Keep asking yourself “why” and use the simple SCAMPI method next time you are setting your goals and you should find yourself more successful in knocking out your goals.

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