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Double Chin Exercises

It’s crucial to understand that double chins are caused by a build up of fatty deposits. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to the storage of fat in their chins than others. In order to effectively burn the fat in your chin, you’ll first have to think about losing weight in your entire body. Double chin exercises can definitely help speed along the fat burning process.

The muscle that we’ll be working is called the platysma and is located in your upper chest, neck, and facial area.

Before you begin, it’s important to remember to maintain proper posture throughout your double chin exercises.

1. As you Sleep

The beginning of your double chin exercises doesn’t require much effort. When you lay down to sleep at night, lie down on your side and place your head on a pillow while tilting your head back so that you are stretching your neck. Don’t bend too much so that you’re uncomfortable. You’ll notice that as you perform this every night, your body will start to automatically adjust and as a result will eventually become part of your normal sleep pattern.

2. Chin Slappers

Another double chin exercise is called chin slappers. You’ve probably seen these in some of the older movies. You perform this exercise by using the back part of your hand and lightly slapping the under side of your chin, gradually picking up the speed. This exercise should be performed for a couple of minutes two or three times every day.

3. Mouth Closers

First, stand up. Gently tilt your head back as far as it will go without straining. While your head is back, close your mouth and so that you’re feeling a stretch in your neck muscles. After a count to 10, start to bring your head back the starting position. You can do this exercise for up to 10 times a day.

4. Not to Be Done in Public:

Stand Up. Open your mouth as far as you can and stick your tongue out. After 15 seconds, relax to normal. Perform these a few times during the day until you’re comfortable and then increase the number to 10.

5. The Last of our Double Chin Exercises:

Stand to your feet. Now, try touching your nose with your lower lip. Keep repeating this movement until you reach a count of ten.

Most of these exercises can be performed at least 2 to 3 times during the day.

You should adopt a weight loss program along with these exercises if you want maximum results.

The 3 Week Diet

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