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College Students Use Nutrisystem Program to Lose Weight

Dieters can choose from more than 120 prepackaged, healthy meals that clients can customize or pick from the menu list. Dieters then choose their favorites prepackaged meals, and meals are delivered right to their doorstep (which makes it even easier to lose weight).

o This diet emphasizes eating five times a day (with smaller portions) which helps promote weight loss. The benefits of this weight loss program include:

o Ready-to eat meals-don’t have to plan meals or worry about portion sizes

o Wide variety of programs for both men and women

o Low-fat choices (meals are based on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid).

o Great networking support: personal counselors, newsletters, online chats and e-mails

Advanced Program Helps College Students Lose Even More Weight

Dieters can also choose from the Nutrisystem Advanced program. This program contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps make weight loss easier. The basic components of the NutriSystem Advanced include:

o Omega Sol – unique blend of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber to help dieters feel full (also good for the heart)

o Glycemic Advantage – good carbohydrates and low glycemic index foods which promote weight loss

In this program, dieters don’t have to count carbohydrates or calories. There are also other educational tools including: personalized meal planner, Mindset Makeover guide, exercise DVD and online account and community access guide. This diet is a popular weight loss program that emphasizes healthy, prepackaged meals. They offer a wide variety of food choices so college students won’t feel deprived.

Wide Variety of Food Appeals to All Students’ Needs

College students who suffer from Type 2 diabetes can also take advantage of the diabetics’ weight loss program. The program features more than 90 delicious, healthy foods with low glycemic index carbohydrates and each one fits into a simple meal plan approved by a dietician. It allows Type 2 diabetics to easily control caloric and carbohydrates intake in order to lose weight.

The vegetarian program allows dieter to still maintain their vegetarian lifestyle. The program features more than 60 prepackaged, vegetarian entrees, snacks and desserts. It also includes low glycemic index carbohydrates, low fat and optimal amounts of protein and fiber.

There is also a program designed specifically for men. Male college students can take advantage of this unique eating plan for men. The men’s program emphasizes hearty and healthy food options like pizza, pasta and burgers. There’s the option to choose from 120 prepackaged meals. With the Advanced program, men get to eat six times a day (instead of the usual five days on the regular program).

The 3 Week Diet

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