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How to Keep Avocados from Browning

[ad_1] Keep your precious avocado as fresh as possible. This article originally appeared on It’s no secret that avocados are delicate, and the flesh of a ripe avocado can quickly change color after it’s been cut, from a gorgeous green to a kind of icky brown. That change in color is a result of […]

9 Fast and Fresh Smoothie Recipes

[ad_1] Looking for a quick, natural pick-me-up? Sure, energy drinks and caffeine can help get you going, but they can leave you feeling worse just a few hours later. Instead of dealing with that inevitable crash, whip up a good-for-you smoothie to energize you. Smoothies are a great way to pack some serious nutrients into […]

7 Healthy Picks at Fast-Food Chains

[ad_1] It’s true that fast-food menus are stacked with diet bombs. But it is possible to find a nutritious meal at most chains. We asked doctors and nutritionists to share their go-to orders at seven popular restaurants. Here’s what they choose to save big on saturated fat, sodium, and calories. McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Classic […]

The New Super Seed You Need to Try

[ad_1]   There seems to be a seed revolution happening on supermarket shelves these days. Everything from breakfast cereals to granola bars to yogurts has chia and flax in them. And now, the latest super sexy seed is hemp. It may be fairly new trend-wise, but hemp seeds actually have been around for millennia. Though […]

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