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Bariatric Diet Foods – What to Eat After Your Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is an excellent means of achieving long-term weight loss. Following the operation, you need to eat a diet that will support your body in healing itself. Bariatric diet foods are a must after having a surgical procedure to make your stomach smaller. Your physician or a dietitian can work with you to help you with meal planning. With guidance and the proper nutritional advice, you can improve your health and begin to drop pounds.

Bariatic diet foods are the foods that are healthy for you to consume after your operation. By closely following a gastric bypass diet, you will manage to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner and you will also recuperate in a timely fashion from the trauma your body underwent. The staple line in your stomach needs to be able to heal without the concern that the foods you consume will stretch it.

Liquid Diet

For the first day or two after gastric bypass, you will not be permitted to eat at all. This is required for the recovery period to get underway. After that you will start a diet of liquids and semisolid foods. The surgeon will want to see how well your system will handle these foods.

The Bariatric diet foods you will be allowed to take in at this point in time include milk, unsweetened juice, broth, sugar-free gelatin and strained cream soup. It is important that you sip liquids as slowly as possible at this phase. Stay away from beverages that have caffeine in them or are carbonated. Do not eat and drink all at once. Wait at least 30 minutes after you have eaten to have something to drink.

Pureed Foods

After a few days have gone by and you have been able to tolerate liquids foods, you can then move onto the pureed foods phase. This phase should last two to four weeks. Everything you eat must be mashed up at this point. It should be a type of smooth paste. No solid bariatric diet foods should be included. The best foods to puree are solid foods that do well when blended.

The foods you should eat at this period of time include beans, fish, lean ground meats, soft fruits and vegetables, yogurt, egg whites and cottage cheese. These Bariatric diet foods should be blended with a liquid to improve the consistency. Blend with water, broth, fat-free milk, fat-free gravy and juice with no sugar. Steer clear of spicy foods at this time because they might irritate your stomach lining. Some people might find dairy products do not agree with them at this point in the recuperation process.

Soft and Solid Foods

Once your physician has given you permission to do so, you can begin to select foods that are soft and solid. If the food can be mashed up with a fork, it is beneficial for this point in your healing. Try cooked vegetables, canned fresh or soft fresh fruit, and finely diced or ground meats.

The 3 Week Diet

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