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5 Methods to Use Chia Seeds

You’ve got heard that chia is amazingly wholesome, however how are you going to use it? Well being’s meals director shares her favourite methods.

Early one morning lately, I used to be out working with a good friend and the topic of meals got here up. (It by no means takes lengthy with me.) I discussed tossing chia seeds right into a smoothie.

“Is chia actually all that nice?” he requested. “What do you do with it?”

My solutions have been sure, and much. Chia seeds are stylish for good cause: They’re loaded with fiber, omega-3s, protein, calcium and different minerals. Plus, they take in as much as 12 instances their weight in water, to allow them to assist preserve you hydrated. No surprise they’re all around the grocery retailer in granola, crackers, chips, drinks and power bars.

I am a believer. I attempt to get not less than a tablespoon or two of complete chia seeds into my food regimen day by day. I discover that I’ve extra power, in addition to extra stamina whereas working. Who does not need that? Here is how I wish to eat them.

Sprinkle away
Chia seeds carry good crunch to yogurt, oatmeal and salad dressing. However beware: As soon as they sit in liquid for some time, they kind little gelatinous balls. Some folks (like me) do not take care of that texture; I eat up straight away.

Combine ’em in
I put a spoonful of complete seeds into pancake and muffin batters, my selfmade granola and the breading combine for oven-fried fish and greens. With their impartial taste, the seeds work in virtually something.

Drink up
In components of Mexico they sip chia fresca: Shake up water, chia seeds, a little bit of sugar and lemon or lime juice and let stand. You may like this in the event you’re into bubble tea or tapioca.

Hit the bar
Chia-packed, 100-calorie Well being Warrior power bars ($2 every; at Entire Meals) are good gas and do not weigh me down throughout runs. My favourite taste is acai berry.

Jam out
I have been experimenting with including chia to my fridge jams. The jams are very easy to make and final a couple of week lined and chilled. Chia’s binding energy means you will not want pectin—only a little bit of sweetener (how a lot is determined by the fruit). For blueberry jam, for instance, I add a number of tablespoons of maple syrup or honey and 1/four cup chia seeds to a couple cups of berries and prepare dinner, stirring, over medium-low warmth till it thickens. So scrumptious and wholesome.


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